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We are a manufacturer, importer and wholesaler. We have been a manufacturer and importer for 18 years.

We wholesale and distribute a variety of fashion jewelry, Baha'i jewelry, cosmetics and gift items.

We are also in the distribution of Baha'i books (English and Persian and Arabic) from Australia, India, England and a few other countries, including some Spanish Baha'i books.   

We also carry sterling silver Baha'i rings and pendants (w/ ring symbol and the greatest name)

Most of our jewelry is made with metal and semi precious stones and also made of shell.  Mostly it is heavy 14K gold plated and silver plated. 

We have a variety of Baha'i fundraising items ( which we offer with no advanced payment requirement to any Baha'i community who wishes to have fundraising for Baha'i faith.

We carry necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, mood necklace, mood rings, mood bands, lanyards, crystal jewelry, stone jewelry, metal jewelry, enamel jewelry, semi precious stones, prayer beads, cameos, lockets and also sterling silver jewelry.  

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Our clients have included:

Hello Kitty company



Great America

Baha'i jewelry

We offer affordable, quality Baha'i Jewelry.

Distributor of Baha'i Books. 

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